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Stop Smoking
Once And For All

Quit Smoking For Good With Heal’s Comprehensive Approach, Combining Clinical Hypnotherapy With Evidence-Based C.B.T & Mindfulness.

Only £99 – Evidence-based, effective, and more affordable than face-to-face therapy.

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Stop Smoking Success Stories


Since taking your Stop Smoking course It’s been a revelation !

Since taking your Stop Smoking course It’s been a revelation ! It’s not even like I am an ex-smoker… I am a NON SMOKER ! I literally have not had a single thought about wanting to have a smoke ! For years on and off I have stopped and started again.. The lead up to the main event and the fact that the videos are available after the main session have proven to be just what is needed ! I have tried various methods including hypnosis sessions previously, but to no avail. So I just wanted to say a big thank you from me and my wife.

Peter, Hartford
Heal Therapies Stop-In-7 Online Smoking Cessation Treatment Plan

What Is

Heal's Stop-In-7 Smoking Cessation Treatment Plan is an online, self-directed therapy course designed to take you from smoker to non-smoker in just 7 days.

Experience long-lasting change with our combination of evidence-based Hypnotherapy, C.B.T, and Mindfulness.

How Does It Work?

Over the course of 7 days, you will listen to a hypnotherapy recording and complete a few daily tasks to kick-start the quitting process.

On the final day, you will complete an in-depth virtual therapy session, where you will not only quit smoking, but gain all the tools you need to stay a healthy, happy non-smoker for life!

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How It Works

A review of the research on smoking cessation hypnotherapy concluded that “traditional direct suggestion hypnosis was not particularly effective when used alone” (Waddon & Anderton).

However, Hypnotherapy is still a powerful tool when used alongside other therapeutic techniques.

“Clinical data suggests that the integration of hypnosis with skills training and C.B.T is more affective than the traditional approach to hypnosis” (Golden & Friedberg).

At Heal, we integrate Clinical Hypnotherapy with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness to provide you with one of the best combined approaches available for smoking cessation.

With 6 days of preparation, and session of treatment, we'll take you from smoker to non-smoker – for life.

So if you really want to quit smoking once and for all, this is the therapy for you.

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Stop Smoking Research

Your Smoke-Free Journey

Stop Smoking Therapy Questionnaire

Complete A Short Questionnaire

Stop Smoking Therapy Account

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Stop Smoking Therapy Treatment Pack

Receive your Treatment Pack

Stop Smoking Therapy Session

Choose Your Treatment Day

Stop Smoking Therapy Preparation

Prepare For Treatment

Stop Smoking Therapy Session

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Quit Smoking Non-Smoker

Begin Your Life As A Non-Smoker

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Our 3-Stage
Stop Smoking Process


Preparing To Be A Non-Smoker

Receive Your Treatment Pack
We'll send you everything you'll need, straight to your door.

Choose Your Treatment Day
Begin whenever suits you best. Set your intention and commit to quitting for good.

Complete A Few Daily Tasks
We combine daily hypnosis with proven C.B.T exercises to kick-start the quitting process.


Becoming A Non-Smoker


Single Session Virtual Therapy
Log in on Treatment Day and begin your step-by-step virtual therapy session.

Change Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Behaviours For Good
We combine immersive Hypnotherapy with evidence-based C.B.T and Mindfulness techniques to change your smoking habit once and for all.

Begin Your New Life Smoke Free
Leave with all the tools you need to stay a healthy, happy non-smoker for life.


Staying A Non-Smoker


Relapse Prevention
Stay smoke-free for good with additional hypnoses and guidance.

Lifetime Digital Access
Access all the resources from your therapy session anytime on any device.

6 Week Booster Session
We're here to support you in case you need any further help along the way.

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Stop Quit Smoking Support

Ongoing Support

We are here for you 24/7 on your journey to becoming a non-smoker.

As well as ongoing, step-by-step guidance, you can contact your therapist directly at anytime throughout your treatment and talk one-to-one. You are not alone in this!

Meet Your Therapist

Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapist

Alexander James

Alex is a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapist.

He will be guiding you every step of the way with his knowledge and expertise.

You can contact Alex directly at anytime throughout your treatment and talk one-to-one. You are not alone in this!

Therapist Qualifications IconQualifications

Real Breakthroughs

6 Weeks A Non-Smoker

I can’t recommend this really thorough treatment enough!!!

I’m delighted to say it has worked!!! The treatment plan is so much more than just hypnosis. The resources provided are brilliant, even including techniques on how to manage cravings. The digital resources are so user friendly and it didn’t feel like I was doing this alone. Alex guides you step by step with what to do through emails and videos and is always there on hand whether that be chat box or email. Thank you :)

Becky, Manchester
2 Weeks A Non-Smoker

Really good value for money.

This is soooo much more than I ever got when I tried to give up before. It's really good value for money - 2 weeks and smoke free!

Janet, Cornwall

Stop Smoking Breakthroughs


I had wanted to give up for ages but always failed until I came across this treatment.

Before treatment my day was geared around when I was going to have a cigarette and I would rush home sometimes to have one or rearrange my day around them. I only smoked when I was alone as I felt ashamed and the smell upset others. I can honestly say that the Stop-in-seven treatment was excellent and the support wonderfully reassuring. It was all encompassing about how one was making oneself ill but also encouraging about how much better one would feel after giving up. One of the hardest aspects of the week was when we had to change the brand of cigarette. Oh how I craved for my own brand of cigarette I had smoked for 30 years. As I write this I think I can now call myself a non-smoker and it is amazing I have given up. I had wanted to give up for ages but always failed until I came across this treatment. Physically I don’t cough anymore and I can smell better and am eating healthier and enjoying it more. Emotionally I feel stronger clearer and realise I am proud of myself for eventually stopping the habit which I never thought I would. I would recommend Stop-in7 treatment to anyone trying to stop smoking. It is well organised extremely supportive and it works. Thank you.

Gill, Brighton

Commit To Quit Smoking Today

Stop-In-7 Smoking Cessation
Online Treatment Plan

For the average cost of just 3 weeks of smoking, you can become a healthy, happy non-smoker for good.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Therapy Resource Pack

24/7 Ongoing Support

Lifetime Digital Access

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