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Browse our collection of free-to-access mental health and wellbeing resources.

Online Mental Health Resources

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Busy lives and exceptional circumstances can leave us feeling anxious, stressed and unable to cope.

Exercises like these, used regularly, are clinically proven to help us overcome these issues, helping us with sleep, maintaining focus, and switching-off, as well as increasing our long-term resilience to stress.

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All Resources

3 Minute Breathing SpaceMindfulness

3 Minute Breathing Space

A brief practice used when thoughts or mood spiral in a negative direction.

3 mins
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3-4-5 BreathingBreathing ExercisesRelaxation

3-4-5 Breathing

A simple and effective exercise for dealing with anxiety and stress.

50 seconds
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A Short Meditation On The BreathMindfulnessRelaxation

A Short Meditation On The Breath

This guided meditation anchors our awareness to the breath helping focus a busy mind.

13 mins
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Alternate Nostril BreathingBreathing ExercisesRelaxationMindfulness

Alternate Nostril Breathing

A nasal breathing technique which benefits both mind and body.

2 mins
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Box BreathingBreathing ExercisesRelaxation

Box Breathing

A simple breathing exercise to manage anxiety and stress.

2 mins
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Jencks Time ProgressionSleep

Jencks Time Progression

This breathing method achieves the deepest feeling of rest in a very short time span.

4 mins
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Leaves On The StreamMindfulness

Leaves On The Stream

A calm, peaceful exercise where we let our thoughts drift by like leaves on a stream.

10 mins
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Progressive Muscle RelaxationRelaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

A deep relaxation technique to counter the effects of stress and anxiety.

16 mins
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Sleep HypnosisHypnosisSleep

Sleep Hypnosis

This sleep hypnosis focusses on hypnotic suggestions for deep restful sleep.

30 mins
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